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PP2 Ltd.
with its headquarter in Zielonka near Warsaw at the address of 43, Mazurska St., is owned by a father and a son- Ireneusz and Janusz Noskiewicz. The Company was established in 1977 by Ireneusz Noskiwicz.

For 30 years the Company has been operating on the market of comprehensive gas services. Initially, it was a craftsmanship workshop that employed several persons and was managed by Ireneusz Noskiewicz, who had 15 years job seniority in the gas sector (from 1962), namely in the gas-majored company "Gazomontaż Wołomin". Later on he established his own business.

Experience and expertise acquired by 1977, reliability and perfect quality of offered services served as a fundament for further fast growth of the Company. These attributes allowed the Company to make its way to the leading position among other companies that dealt with construction of gas networks on the operation area of the Mazovian Gas Enterprise.

The major objective of the Company’s holders was to furnish the enterprise with the advanced and specialized equipment as well as continuous improvement of employees’ qualifications and competences, both the managing staff and equipment operators. To achieve high level of expertise the employees attended a series of training programmes, both in the country and abroad.

Selection of the management staff and permanent concern about social needs of employees has been and still remains a crucial contributing factor to the Company’s success. All the employees place their future plans on the Company’s prospects and put in their efforts to the Company’s success.

Since the very beginning of the Company’s operation the scope of offered services included comprehensive services in the gas sector - construction of manifold pipelines and installation of the internal gas systems for dwelling and industrial facilities. The offered solutions base on the most advanced technologies related to engineering and installation work as well as include all the related operations such as design development and execution of road excavations or pavement reconstruction.

The subcontracted works are executed by specialized brigades of well-trained employees under spotting eyes of qualified and competent managing staff. The brigades are equipped with wireless communication means and remain in permanent contact with the Company’s headquarter.

In 2002 the Company celebrated 25th anniversary of its establishment. The most suitable jubilee gift for that occasion was the Quality Certificate for Services to ISO 9001-2000 the Company deserved in November 2001. The certificate is the warrant of high quality of the provided services that tend to permanent improvement to meet more and more tough requirements of contemporary markets.