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STATIC CRACKING "HYDROBURST" - the technology of Vermeer Company.

When the existing corrosion-affected gas, water or sewer pipelines are made of cast-iron, stoneware, PVC, ceramic or concrete pipes it is recommended to consider one of technologically advanced methods for pipe replacement. The technique of gas and sewer pipelines revamping with use of the offered static or dynamic cracking methods consists in demolishing of an old pipe and driving a new one instead (mostly of PE/HDPE) by means of a non-excavation method.

The advantage of the offered method over the excavation techniques for water pipelines and gas-distributing network consists in the fact that a completely new pipe is installed with no reduction or even with extension of the internal pipeline diameter. The system has been used worldwide to install more than 100,000 of pipes. The procedure of gas, water and sewer pipeline revamping with use of the HYDROBURST static cracking method needs merely to excavate a starting and termination wells. Then the pulling rod is inserted into the existing pipe and a bursting head or a cutting knife is attached to the rod end along with the driving head and the end of the replacing pipe. After that the new pipeline is pulled backwards via the pulling rod into the old pipe with simultaneous demolishing the same up to the terminating well.

Our company offers two types of VERMEER technologies that can be used for replacement of sewer and gas pipelines by means of the static cracking method, namely the methods HB 30/38 i HB 50/58.