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Advantages of the static cracking method

  • pipelines are replaced with no excavation and no harm to the natural environment,
  • the method can be applied to all the possible types of pipeline damages,
  • no reductions of pipeline cross-section,
  • nominal diameter of the revamped pipeline can be extended by two size grades
  • the entire pipeline is made from a single and long section of a new pipe,
  • owing to static operation technique the method can be applied to tough conditions where dynamic impact onto the ground is not allowed due to adjacent infrastructural components – cables and other pipelines,
  • the pipes are driven with the tightly blinded advancing end that guaranteed perfect cleanness of the new pipeline,
  • no need to carry out such operations as cleaning of old pipelines, removing of sediments, derooting, face milling of encountered obstacles,
  • very fast replacing of long pipeline sections – up to 400 metres to each direction from a single starting point,
  • innovative approach and fast execution of the work is conductive to reduction of social costs,
  • long-term guarantee for the investor for prolonged operation of polyethylene or core-type pipes,
  • quick replacement and perfect tightness of pipelines.

What are the operations that can be avoided

Application of he static cracking method makes the following operations unnecessary:

  • high-pressure cleaning
  • removing of sediments,
  • derooting
  • face milling or removing the obstacles encountered