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What sorts of pipes can be replaced?

The static cracking method is suitable for replacement of pipes that are made of:

  • stoneware,
  • grey cast iron,
  • non-reinforced concrete,
  • asbestos and cement concrete,
  • steel.
  • ductile cast iron
  • plastic materials

in case of following defects:

  • leakages,
  • dislocations,
  • longitudinal cracks,
  • missing fragments of pipelines,
  • lack of substrate or total subsidence of the pipeline section.

We offer services of non-excavation revamping of water, sewer and gas pipelines with use of the static cracking method for the following ranges of pipe diameters:

  • from 40 mm to 400 mm - for pipes made of stoneware, cast iron, plastics, non-reinforced concrete, asbestos and cement concrete,
  • from 40 mm to 300 mm for steel pipes.

The method makes it possible to replace two sections of pipelines from a single starting point. The sections can be as long as 100 m or 200 m in average to one direction and the same to the opposite side.

It can be applied in tough conditions of the pipeline-adjacent ground where other cables, pipelines or building site facilities may occur within the closest vicinity of the work in progress.