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The system for static cracking HYDROBURST delivered by the American company Vermeer is a system that can be used for replacement and repairing of gas, water and sewer pipelines within the range of diameters from 50 to 300 mm and pipeline sections of 100 m in length.

Components of the HYDROBURST

  • The diesel engine PERKINS 20 KM, 2800 rpm.
  • Working machine placed into excavations,
  • Set of pulling rods with total length of 100 m,
  • Rolling knives to cut pipes made of steel or ductile cast iron,
  • Cutting (bursting) knives to demolish brittle materials, such as grey cast iron, concrete, stoneware, asbestos,
  • Extending,
  • Driving (pulling) heads for PE/HDPE/PVC pipes
  • Hydraulic pump with delivery of 91 l/min and working pressure of 210 bars

Technical parameters of the components for static cracking system offered by the Vermeer Company

Technical parameters: HB 30/38 HB 50/58
Length 151cm 165cm
Width 51cm 57cm
Heights 117cm 117cm
Height for transportation 31cm 34cm
Weight 346kg 421kg
Length of pulling rods 1,2m/ 4,4cm 1,2m/5,1cm
Maximum pulling force 27t 44t
Maximum pushing force 34t 54t